Australian people are killed on the road every year

Australian people are injured on the road every year, many with traumatic injuries

Young drivers are killed every year on the road

- Our mission -

To eliminate young drivers road fatalities and accidents


We can’t just wait for dirverless cars and autonomous driving technologies to eliminate road fatalities and accidents. Indeed, we know it will take time before everyone stops owning a car and exclusively use those new modes of transportation. Additionally, the technology to Level 5 autonomous car is not yet there.

At Driverli, we believe it starts with offering our kids the best driving education possible.

How do we ensure they are not just taught tips on how to pass a driving test but acquire defensive driving skills that will make them safe on the road especially during the initial years they are more exposed than a mature driver?

This is why we have built Driverli, a platform dedicated to young drivers and their parents who are looking to find those trusted driving schools matching their personal requirements. We leverage real reviews left by real students and verified manually by us so the best driving schools (ie those who just no focus on getting you across the driving test) are easily found and booked.

Additionally, we believe that existing technology today can help make younger drivers safer on the road. We are working toward making these technologies accessible and incentivising them to actively use them to stay safe on the road.

We know that if we do nothing, in the next 5 years, more than 5,000 people will die in a road crash, and 160,000 will be hospitalised, many with traumatic injuries. According to the Young Driver fact base, a 17 year old with a P1 license is four times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a driver over 26 year old.

It is time to act now. 

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