How is the practical drive test conducted in Victoria?

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The practical driving test is a 30 minute (ish) test where you sit down in car and drive following the instructions provided by the Vicroads test officer sitting next to you.

In this article we will review:

  1. How is the driving test ran?
  2. How much the test costs?
  3. Part 1 – The Pre-drive check
  4. Part 2 – On-road driving test stage 1
  5. Part 3 – On-road driving test stage 2
  6. What to bring to the driving test?
  7. Can I use my own vehicle?

1 – How is the driving test ran?

The objective of the test is to evaluate your driving and see if you are ready to drive safely on your own in various traffic conditions. 

It is made up of three parts:

  1. a pre-drive check,
  2. on-road driving test stage 1, and
  3. on-road driving test stage 2.

You will need to pass stage one of the on-road driving test in order to progress to stage 2.

2 – How much the Driving Test costs in Victoria?

The Driving Test costs $64.60, payable to Vicroads You will need to pay for each attempt. 

You can book it directly online here Vicroads driving test booking.

3 – Part 1 – The pre-drive check

Before you begin the on-road component of the drive test with your vehicle (or your instructor’s vehicle), the licence testing officer will instruct you to:
  1. Identify and operate the following vehicle controls:
    1. indicators /windscreen washer and wipers /horn /headlights (high and low beam) /hazard lights/ brake lights.
  2. Identify the handbrake.
  3. Identify but not operate the following vehicle controls:
    1. windscreen demister and rear window demister (where fitted).
  4. Start the engine.

4 – Part 2 – On-road driving test Stage 1

Stage one is designed to assess your safety as a driver in less challenging conditions. The testing officer will give you simple instructions during the test (eg. at the next street, turn right) that you must follow.
You need to demonstrate that you can drive safely and efficiently. If you’re unsure of an instruction, ask for it to be repeated.
Once completed, the testing officer will ask you to stop the car while they calculate your score. It may include starting and stopping the vehicle, reverse park, three point-turn.
If successful, you will start stage #2.

5 – Part 3 – On-road driving test Stage 2

Stage two is conducted in busier traffic and is designed to assess your ability to safely execute normal driving tasks. 
Similar to stage #1, you will be given simple and clear instructions that you must follow and demonstrate you can drive safely and efficiently.
It may includes driving in busy traffic, changing lanes, or merging with other traffic.

6 – What to bring to the driving test?

There are a few documents you need to have with you. Don’t forget them as you will not be able to take the test on that day.

  1. your current Victorian learner permit card
  2. your appointment number and/or
    appointment receipt
  3. if you’re under 21 years old you must bring your Learner Log Book to prove you have completed a minimum of 120 hours of supervised driving experience. The Learner Log Book must be filled in correctly
  4. if you’re an overseas licence holder you must provide proof of your overseas licence. If your overseas licence is not in English, you need to provide an English translation of it by a qualified translator, or an International Driving Permit
  5. if you do not have an Australian learner permit with a photo, full evidence of identity is required. Check what type of documents you can use to prove your identity at
  6. payment for your licence or proof if you have done it online.

7 – Can I use my own vehicle?

Yes you can, however we highly recommend you use the same vehicle you had your most recent drive with. It is all about maximizing your confidence during the test and taking the test in a vehicle you are not comfortable will reduce your chance of success.
Driverli can help you hire a car for the test if you need. Check out our packages below.
Our driving test package include :
  • the car hire for the test,
  • one hour warm-up lesson just before the test,
  • pick-up and drop-off to/from the test.

That’s all! We wish you all the best for your driving test. Let us know if you have any questions, the Driverli team is here to help you get your driver licence.

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