There are three licensing stages before obtaining a full unrestricted license and each comes with a cost. Refer to the Driverli blog article “How to get your driving license in NSW” to read more on each licensing stage requirements.

The tables below describe the various costs for a new driver to progress from the learner license to a full license.

Currently, the average cost to get your full license is ~$1,450. This cost includes the use of a driving school for a structured 10 hours lessons package (10 hours of lessons with a certified instructor provides 30 hours in the logbook), a Safer Drivers course (this 5 hours course provides 20 hours in the logbook) and a final lesson with the presentation to RMS driving test. More info on the Safer Drivers course here and the various type of Logbook you can use, here.

If you are unsure whether you should spend money on driving school lessons, refer to this article here that presents the benefits and reasons you would benefit. If you have made up your mind and are ready to use a driving school, learn how to find and compare the best driving schools near you, here.

Learner License

$ 71
  • Eyesight test - n/a
  • RMS Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) - $46.00
  • RMS License Fee - $25.00

Provisional P1 License

$ 1,119
  • Hazard Perception Handbook (optional) - $13.00
  • RMS Hazard Perception Test - $46.00
  • Eyesight test - n/a
  • 10 hrs of Driving school lessons - ~$600.00
  • Paper Log book (replacement) - $17.00
  • Mobile app Logbook - Free
  • Road user Handbook (optional) - $13.00 - available for free online
  • Safer Drivers Course - ~$140.00
  • RMS test presentation and one hour driving lesson prior - ~$170.0
  • RMS driving test - $57.00
  • RMS P1 License Fee - $58.00

Provisional P2 License

$ 91
  • RMS P2 License Fee - $91.00

Full License

$ 136
  • 1 year license - $58.00
  • 5 year license - $184.00
  • 10 year license - $342.00

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