How it works

Driverli offers a simple way for future young drivers and their parents to find a  trusted driving school and instructor near where they live.

Road safety starts the right education. Driverli is playing an active role in ensuring future drivers get the right education from the best instructors.

How Driving Schools and Instructors are referenced on Driverli?

Driverli is a brand new company but we have already referenced more than 450 Driving School in and around the Sydney area. In the coming month we will be finalising NSW and start referencing Victoria and Queensland based Driving School. 

Every year we will refresh the list of Driving Schools on our platform so you may find that some are no longer active while some new ones are yet to be included. Don’t worry, they can be added via our “Add your driving school” page here.

What are the criteria and methodologies used to filter Driving Schools on Driverli?

There are 3 criteria used on Driverli to organise the search result,

  • Location and proximity

This is the main criteria to generate a list of driving schools and driving instructors. By selecting a suburb where they work or live, students and their parents can find a list of Driving Schools and Driving Instructors near where they are. By default the search engine returns a list of business localised within a radius of 15 km from the selected location. Driving Schools and Instructors benefiting from a paid plan and marked as featured on the site are pushed to the top of the list only for location based search.

  • Labels or criteria

Labels are used to map out the various services and feature a driving school offers to his students such as various languages spoken if English is a barrier to learning to drive, or the possibility of learning with a female instructor. Other labels include the certification and accreditation a Driving School and the instructors have such as Roads & Maritime Services, Australian Driver Trainer Association, etc… They represent a guarantee of driving education quality for the students and parents. However, at the end of the day reviews which are very subjective can help you refine which Driving School or Instructors you should learn to drive safely with.

  • Reviews

Driving school can be ranked by their review score which takes into account both approved and not yet approved reviews. Only reviews that have been verified (ie a real review let by a student who actually took a lesson at this driving school) are included. Reviews at Driverli are not just “give me a star from 0 to 5 and a short comment”.

Firstly, you need to prove that you were a student to be able to provide a review.

Secondly, a review is broken down into 4 areas the student will need to assess in order to provide a complete and fair picture to prospective students and parents. Those areas are:

  • Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Patience