What to expect from your first driving lesson

Driving lessons

Excited or nervous? Probably a bit of both… Whether you’ve never driven before or have some driving experience, you may want to know what is going to happen during your first driving lesson with an instructor.

Driverli tells you everything in this article.

You won’t be driving straight away…

After the instructor picks you up, you will seat in the passenger seat. It is the opportunity for the instructor to know you better, ask questions about your driving experience and if you are anxious about driving. 

You will be asked to present your Learner licence and your logbook or your overseas licence if you are an international driver converting your driver licence.

..but will drive but in a quiet part of your neighbourhood

The instructor will be driving you to a quiet area. If you know how to drive, he will probably assess your level before going further.

If you’ve never driven before, the overall idea is to find a quiet area where you won’t feel stressed by other cars around you.

You will learn a lot about the basic controls of the car…

During this first lesson, you will learn a lot about the controls of the car and your driving position. It will involve how to adjust :

  • the seat,
  • the mirrors, and
  • steering wheel.

You will be shown the basic controls such as:

  • turning the engine on
  • the accelerator and brakes pedals
  • the handbrake,
  • indicators,
  • horn
  • windscreen (front and back).

Each of them differs from car to car… It is always important as a driver to take some time to familiarise yourself with the car you are/will be driving.

You will then start to drive around and this will be your first opportunity to hold the wheel, push the pedals and feel how the car reacts. 

You may be not the best driver on day 1. Don’t worry this is normal, this is your first day, so dont’ stress too much about it.

…and will plan your next hours the driving instructor

Depending on how many hours you will be doing with your instructor, you will be working out on a plan about what you will be learning over the driving lessons hours you’ve purchased through Driverli. 

The instructor will use this first lesson as an assessment of where you are at. At the end of your first driving lesson, you will get a plan of the following lessons. This plan includes the objective for each subsequent lesson and should give you an idea about where you will get by your final lesson.

If you have just purchased one hour of lesson, we will recommend you to get a package of 10 or more as it will be cheaper than buying each lesson one by one.  It will help as well the instructor to get some visibility and plan better.

If you are unsure about how many hours you need, probably start with 10 hours. Driverli package are not limited in time and if you aren’t using all your hours now, you will always be able to use them just before the driving test. 

Hopefully, you are now a bit less nervous and more excited about your first driving lesson. If you are still uncertain, don’t worry, this is normal. Every first time is always a bit stressful.

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