How To Get 20 Bonus Hours With The Safer Drivers Course In Your Log Book

If you are driving on your L plates then we have great news for you. That’s because completing the Safer Drivers Course successfully earns you bonus log book credits. That way, you qualify for your P license test sooner, but that’s not all.

If you find the right driving school near you, your safer driving instruction program will pass on loads of essential tips for reducing road risks to manageable proportions. This helps keep you, your family, your pets, and your car safer and away from accidents.

You’ll also learn advanced driving secrets in both driving lessons you attend. Things like safe traveling distance, gap selection, and speed management become second nature, while you earn log book credits that qualify you sooner.

Entry Requirements before Enrolling on the Safer Drivers Course

You already need to have covered the basics before you can enroll for the Safer Drivers Course, Otherwise, you can’t benefit fully from what your driving school teaches you. You must:

  • Be aged under 25 years so you are still keen to learn
  • Hold a valid learner license that proves you know the road rules

You also need at least 50 log book hours of on-road driving. These must include some night-time driving too. However, any three-for-one bonus hours don’t count towards the 50 at this time.

How the 20 Hours of Log Book Credits Work

The NSW Roads and Maritime Service grant the 20 credits after you successfully complete the Safer Driving Course. But, you can only qualify for these once, because they see the training as a once-off event.

However, you can include your three-for-one bonus in the 50 log book hours if you take this driving lesson from a licensed NSW driving instructor.

After you successfully complete this optional driving instruction you only need another 100 hours of supervised driving before you can apply for your permanent P plates.

Your Three Ways to Earn the Magic 120 points

  • Safer Driving Course (20) plus 100 supervised driving hours (100)
  • 10 Hours Professional Lessons (20) plus 100 supervised driving hours (100)
  • Both Programs (40) plus 80 supervised driving hours (80)

Paying for Your Safer Driving Course

The course may sound expensive at $140, but it’s loaded with extras that make it special. This ensures you benefit from quality driving instruction that should stand you good for the rest of your motoring life. Learn about the full cost of a driving licence in NSW  here

Your training includes a three-hour group discussion with other learners, and a two-hour coaching session in a vehicle, along with another learner. This interactive experience helps you remember what you learned. And that’s vital when you need to recall the information urgently in future.

You pay the $140 directly to your driving instruction provider and the NSW Roads and Maritime Service don’t keep a cent of it. However, there’s possibly more good news ahead for you if you stay a little longer on this page.

You can book your Safer Driver Course at any of the nearly 250 locations right across New South Wales. Here’s a handy link to find a driving school doing safer driver training near you.

It really does pay handsomely to take professional driving instruction if you possibly can. That way

  • You should qualify with no repeat sessions
  • Your training should cost you less in time and money
  • You should experience the thrill of driving on your own sooner.

Learner Drivers with a Disadvantage Could Do This Course Free

The New South Wales government subsidises the Safer Drivers Course each year for 1,000 citizens with disadvantaged backgrounds and/or living in Aboriginal communities. This means they pay your driving school directly for you to attend the Safer Drivers Course if you are coming from such background.

We strongly urge you to apply for this free driving instruction even you think your chances are slim. Many disadvantaged people think they don’t stand a chance of succeeding. This could put you in an excellent position to qualify for this valuable free driving lesson.

Here’s a Handy Checklist before You Apply

  • Are you less than 25 years old?
  • Do you have a valid learner license?
  • Have you done 50 log book hours of actual on-road driving
  • Are you currently or were you previously in Out of Home Care?
  • Do you have a current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card?

If you answered yes all five times then by all accounts you should qualify to apply for a free Safe Drivers Course. If you need help with this, we are here to assist, and we can help you find a driving school near you.

You don’t have to complete the Safer Driving Course to qualify for your P driving test. However, it still makes sense to prepare thoroughly for one of the most important days in your life so far.

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